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Обзор статистики зарплат профессии "Менеджер веб проектов в Баку"

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Валюта: AZN USD Год: 2020
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Talent Manager (Junior / Middle)
Velvetech, LLC, Баку
Velvetech is an American global software development company headquartered in Chicago, IL. Velvetech has its developers strategically distributed in 10+ global technical job markets to deliver the best in class software engineering and exceptional client services. We have 20+ years of experience in software and hardware development for clients all around the world, especially for US clients. As an official Microsoft Gold Partner, our company is listed in the top 5 software development companies in Illinois, USA. US clients are leading trading and financial organizations, insurance companies, large healthcare associations, pharmaceutical and energy companies, equipment manufacturers, hi-tech startups, etc. Areas of expertise are consulting, development, implementation, and support of software solutions. We implement modern backend solutions that support microservices architecture with the following technologies: NET Core, Node.js, Java, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ. For the web UI front-end development, we opt for React, or Angular, and for mobile development — Swift, Kotlin, Java. Most of the systems are designed for cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, GCP, and heavily rely on Docker, Kubernetes while modern CI/CD is made using GitLab CI or TeamCity. In September 2021, Velvetech LLC received the status of the official Training Provider of the International Institute of Business Analysis. This status gives us the right to conduct regular quality trainings for Business Analysts and anyone performing BA activities regardless their job title. Principles are based on Agile Methodology, Scrum and Kanban. Various projects coded in GitLab or GitHub are built with multiple coordinated teams, collaborating via Jira, Confluence, MS Teams, and Slack. Velvetech constantly follows the Tech trends and actively cooperates with startups in such breakthrough areas as Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, FPGA, and AI. Position Overview The Talent Manager plays a pivotal role within the Talent Management Department and reports directly to the Head of Talent. This position is responsible for overseeing employee performance management, facilitating professional development initiatives, fostering community building, driving succession planning efforts,and enhancing company branding. The Talent Manager contributes to a culture of continuous learning, growth, and collaboration. Central to this role is the ability to connect, engage, and foster relationships. The ideal candidate thrives in human-centric environments and has a genuine passion for nurturing talent and building collaborative teams. Responsibilies 1. Employee Performance Management Manage the annual assessment cycle for all employees in the organization. Monitor and update individual professional development plans to align with both employee aspirations and organizational objectives. Develop and manage skills management matrixes and questionnaires for various roles to assess and track skill levels. Maintain comprehensive employee professional development data in the internal platform. 2. Employee Professional Development Organize and oversee professional development events such as workshops and round table discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and skills enhancement. Curate and manage information related to professional certifications for each role, actively promoting the pursuit of relevant certifications. 3. Community Building and Enhancement Research and explore opportunities to cultivate and strengthen communities, facilitate community activities like meetups, webinars, and forums to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange. 4. Employee Succession Planning Cultivate robust relationships with employees to remain informed about their professional development goals and aspirations. Serve as a point of contact for employees on talent management matters, including conflict resolution, grievance handling, and policy interpretation. 5. Enhance VVT Branding Contribute to efforts that enhance VVT's reputation as a preferred employer. Requirements: Proficiency in English at an Upper-Intermediate level or higher; A Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Psychology, or a related field is preferred; Prior experience in software development and IT services field, with a deep understanding of industry practices, trends, and technologies is preferred; Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal; Exceptional interpersonal skills, conflict resolution abilities, and a proactive problem-solving approach; Ability to foster a culture of learning, collaboration, and innovation; Ability to adapt to fast-paced environments and rapidly changing organizational needs; Effective Teamwork player with proven ability to collaborate cross-functionally with departments such as HR&Recruitment, Services, and Operations. Demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and personal development; Analytical Thinking: Strong ability to analyze complex situations, assess information critically, and formulate well-reasoned solutions; Result-Oriented: Demonstrated track record of setting clear goals, executing plans efficiently, and consistently achieving impactful outcomes; Offer Challenging and exciting projects Flexible schedule Young and friendly team Benefits Velvetech is in the TOP 5 development companies in Illinois, USA You have FLEXIBLE working conditions and a COOPERATIVE environment A COMPETITIVE and performance-based salary, fair compensation and benefits Many CHALLENGING and exciting projects with new opportunities and learning GROWTH opportunities, skills and competencies improvement, and professional certification In-company TRAINING (English, Software / DevOps / Project management / Design / Business) Our team We are a friendly team of 150+ professionals where everyone is able to achieve high results and grows professionally not only due to their own knowledge and skills but also with the support of colleagues. Values that we highly appreciate are high performance, responsibility, respect, and loyalty. In order to have a highly motivated team, Velvetech invests in their people, additional education, certification, and others. You choose your career path and we are here to support you! People work together in harmony, encouraging each other to continuously learn, progress, and pursue perfection. Our employees enjoy working as we turn challenges into advantages to share success with each other. If you are an enthusiastic and dedicated professional seeking an opportunity to shape and enhance our talent management strategies and initiatives, we invite you to apply for the position of Talent Manager at Velvetech. Join us in fostering an environment of growth, development, and collaboration. Apply today!
Partnership Manager
Ecom Market, Баку
Ecom Market is a small, international IT company that makes top products for Ecommerce sellers. Our large user base is growing every year, and all our tools have great reviews on the Chrome Web Store and Trustpilot. We are really good at what we do. Actually, we are so good that our services are considered to be one of the top 3 solutions, and we are proud of it. Our team creates high-quality products that people need, and each employee has the opportunity to influence their development. We are looking for one more partner manager to join our great team. What you will need to do: - Interact with partners and clients in English (correspondence, calls, including cold calls). - Seek and attract new partners and clients - Grow and manage a new project: find new clients sending messages, present and sell a product to them, create new ideas on selling a product We are happy to teach you a lot and share our best insights with you, but it's important for us that you: - Have English skills at the C1 level or higher (it is necessary when you communicate with American influencers and clients). - Already have experience in sales/partner networking - Have experience in growing and managing projects - Have already participated in negotiations/ sales processes - Have experience communicating with foreigners (including verbal) What we offer: - Full-time, remote work. No matter how awful the weather is outside, you don't have to go anywhere! Well, it’s a fairy tale :) - A steadily developing company, good conditions for professional growth - Worthy salary (fixed part + KPI) - Work in a young, friendly, ambitious team - Interesting tasks in international product development - Vacations twice a year for 2 weeks. The vacancy involves a test assignment that is mandatory for all candidates.
Оператор по работе с клиентами (удаленно)
Мы предлагаем: 100% белый доход, почасовая оплата, удаленная работа; Оформление по договору или самозанятость; Оплачиваемое заказчиком обучение - 6 рабочих дней; Выбор проекта и удобного графика работы (5/2, 2/2); Возможность частичной занятости и совмещение с учебой; Дружная команда, приводи своих друзей и получи бонус; Возможность влиять на свой доход и профессиональный рост; Прохождение интервью в удобное для тебя время, удаленно. Ждем от тебя: Готовность осуществлять консультации по вопросам сервиса, услугам и продуктам компаний-партнеров; Легкость в установлении контакта с клиентом и желание помочь; Стабильный интернет в тихом месте, компьютер и гарнитура(рекрутер поможет определить технические характеристики на интервью). Баланс работы и жизни в Voxys: мобильное приложение с творческими, волонтерскими и ЗОЖ мероприятиями; насыщенная корпоративная жизнь: праздники, соревнования, конкурсы; награждения сувенирами за достижения и успехи, продвижение инициатив. Будем рады кандидатам с опытом работы в компаниях Телеперфоманс, Аудиотеле, Телеконтакт, Voolna, Ростелеком, РТК, Neovox, РТС Глобал, Билайн, МТС, а также кандидатам, имеющим опыт работы на позициях: менеджер, продавец-консультант , специалист банка, службы техподдержки, контакт (call)-центра, интернет-магазина, чат-ботов, страхования, администратора, курьера, сборщика, а также начинающих специалистов без опыта, кто ищет сменный или гибкий график, подработку. *Участие в мотивирующих программах только для штатных сотрудников.
Front-end Developer
Ecom Market, Баку
Hello! Ecom Market is an international IT company that makes top products for E-commerce sellers. Our large user base is continuing to grow every year, and all of our tools have great reviews on the Chrome Web Store and Trustpilot. We are good at what we do. We are so good that Ecom Market is considered one of the top 3 solutions, and we are rightfully proud of it. Our team creates high-quality products that people need. Each employee has the opportunity to influence their development. Our main tasks: Demand for Ecommerce analytics tools is growing; there are more and more users, and we work every day to improve products by adding new features and improving processes. We make browser extensions that use lots of people around the globe. We are constantly entering new markets and adjusting products to the needs of users in different countries. What we offer: Competitive salary; pegged to the dollar. Remote job; you work where you like. Flexible schedule. Paid vacation; 28 calendar days. IDE; Internet paid What we expect from a front-end developer: Development experience with JS over three years. Ability to understand the code written by others. Development experience with Angular 5+ over three years. Excellent knowledge of TypeScript, ES6, HTML & less. Experience with webpack. Knowledge of working with Git, Jenkins. It will be a huge plus if you have: Development experience with React JS. Broad outlook, familiar with the development patterns, not afraid of big projects. English level sufficient for reading. Good sense of humor. Our current set of front-end modules: Web App (single page application). Eight extensions for Chrome. Common - common logic, used in most extensions. Front-end technology stacks (we try to experiment and choose the most convenient and fastest technologies): Our extensions and web service are powered by Angular 7+. Two small-scale extensions are written in React + MobX so that its lightness suits our needs. A landing page contains the set of HTML pages, styles, pictures, and docs. Why you should join our team: We are constantly working on improving the development processes. Each developer solves complex yet exciting tasks that provide an opportunity for professional development. We strive to create the best products, and we welcome new ideas and creative approaches to solving problems. You will be able to directly influence each of our tools’ development. We have a great, friendly team and an open communication format - the opinion of all employees matter. The selection process: The process is generally standard. First, there is an initial interview with the project manager. We will then discuss common issues and see how well we fit together. Next, a small test task. A portfolio is excellent, but we need to see how your skills and style fit our specific needs. Further, a technical interview with the project manager and team lead will occur. Finally, you will have the final interview with the CPO and CEO of the company. We would love to see you on our friendly team! We look forward to our new front-end developer - apply now! Мы международная ИТ компания, делаем топовые продукты для ecommerce. У нас очень большое количество пользователей, которое растет с каждым годом, и отличные отзывы в Chrome Store и на Trustpilot. Мы так хороши, что входим в топ-3 решений в нашей нише, чем по праву гордимся. Наша команда создает качественные продукты, которые нужны людям, и каждый сотрудник имеет возможность влиять на их развитие. Наши основные задачи: Спрос на инструменты для аналитики продаж в ecommerce растет, пользователей становится все больше, и мы каждый день работаем над улучшением продуктов, добавляя новые фичи и совершенствуя процессы; Мы делаем браузерные расширения, которыми пользуются люди по всему миру, выходим на новые рынки (в данный момент активно выходим на рынок Японии), поэтому мы подстраиваем продукты под нужды пользователей разных стран. Что мы предлагаем: Конкурентную оплату труда; Удаленку - вы работаете там, где нравится; Гибкий график. Мы работаем по московскому времени, но у нас возможна индивидуальная корректировка графика; Оплачиваемый отпуск 28 календарных дней; Оплата IDE, интернета. Что мы ожидаем от front-end разработчика: Опыт разработки на JS от 3 лет. Умение разбираться в чужом коде. Опыт разработки с Angular 5+ от 3 лет. Отличное знание TypeScript, ES6, html && less. Опыт работы с webpack. Умение работать с Git, Jenkins Будет большим плюсом, если у тебя есть: Опыт разработки на React JS. Широкий кругозор, знаком с паттернами разработки, не боишься больших проектов. Английский уровня чтение. Хорошее чувство юмора. Наш текущий набор front-end модулей: Web App (single page application). 8 расширений для Chrome. Common - общая логика, используемая большинством расширений. Фронтовый стэк технологий (мы стараемся экспериментировать и выбирать самые удобные и быстрые технологии): Наши расширения и веб-сервис работают на Angular 7+ Еще два расширения написаны на React + MobX, это небольшие расширения, где нам подошла его легковесность. Отдельно существует лэндинг в виде набора html страниц, стилей, картинок и документов. Почему тебе стоит присоединиться к нашей команде: Мы постоянно работаем над улучшением процессов разработки; Каждый разработчик решает сложные, но интересные задачи, которые дают возможность профессионального развития; Мы стремимся создать лучшие продукты, поэтому приветствуем новые идеи и творческий подход к решению задач. Вы сможете непосредственно влиять на развитие каждого из наших тулов; У нас отличная, дружная команда и открытый формат общения. Мнение всех сотрудников важно и к нему прислушиваются остальные. Вы можете прийти к любому из руководителей напрямую и ваш вопрос будет решен. Этапы отбора на вакансию: Этапы, в целом, стандартные. Сначала идет первичное собеседование с проджект-менеджером. Обсуждаем общие вопросы, стараемся понять насколько мы друг другу подходим; Затем небольшое тестовое задание. Портфолио - это хорошо, но нам важно увидеть насколько ваши навыки и стиль подходят для решения наших конкретных задач; Далее техническое собеседование с проджект менеджером и back лидом; И наконец, финальное собеседование с операционным директором и генеральным директором компании. Мы будем очень рады видеть вас в рядах нашей дружной команды! С нетерпением ждем нашего нового front-end разработчика - откликайтесь!