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Обзор статистики зарплат профессии "Полиция в Азербайджане"

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Обзор статистики зарплат профессии "Полиция в Азербайджане"

500 ₼ Средняя зарплата в месяц

Уровень средней зарплаты за последние 12 месяцев: "Полиция в Азербайджане"

Валюта: AZN USD Год: 2020
На гистограмме изображено изменение уровня средней заработной платы профессии Полиция в Азербайджане.

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Среди похожих профессий в Азербайджане наиболее высокооплачиваемой считается Сотрудник охраны. По данным нашего сайта, уровень средней зарплаты составляет 2557 azn. На втором месте - Оперуполномоченный с зарплатой 600 azn, а на третьем - Инспектор охраны с зарплатой 300 azn.

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"Recruitment Solutions" MMC, Baku
“Recruitment Solutions” LLC invites candidates to apply for the position of Transcriber as a full-time or freelancer and become a member of a professional team. Do you want to build a career that allows you to work from home and dive into interesting areas every day... and need to be in complete control of your schedule? If so, please continue reading... We are accepting applications for qualified spelling and transcription experts to join our team and get paid to help streamline the work of professionals across the country! You will have the opportunity to copy sound from all kinds of industries, including police departments, investigators, law firms and protective services. Where else in the world can you help a police officer do his job by transcribing witness interviews in one minute, then quickly having a guardian document a child's journey to a safe house? With Recruitment Solutions you can set your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want, so you can do as much as you want Working conditions: - Freelance or full-time - Salary based on the interview, by agreement Job Responsibilities: We have a limited number of quotas, and we only evaluate those who take action by applying.You will have the opportunity to work on diverse subjects across many different industries. From academic studies to YouTube videos, there are always new topics to work on. Our freelance transcriptionists are skilled typists who convert audio files to text. Transcription jobs can range from creating a transcript of recorded interviews and focus groups to lectures and podcasts.Depending on the quality of your transcription and the number of jobs you will take. If our conditions are suitable for you and you want to do a very interesting job, send yourRequirements: - Education : Higher education- Experience : from 1 to 3 years- Age : 18 - 65- Excellent knowledge of languages. -Fluency or the ability to learn at least one other language.- Understanding of different cultures.- Able to work accurately and objectively.- Enterprise and research skills.- Able to protect privacy.- Broad general information.- Awareness of the Evolution of Language.- Attention to details.- Ability to Accept Criticism.- Time management skills.- At least 2 years of work experience.